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About us

The company is engaged in the production of tooth models for endodontic therapy training. We are the only manufacturers of dental training models in Serbia and in the region. We have been operating successfully since 2021.

From 2021, tooth models are used for the education of students at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, and from 2022 with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kragujevac, on the subject of PRECLINICAL ENDODONTICS, where they represent a substitute for work on extracted teeth. They provide education in all phases of endodontic therapy, starting with the formation of the access cavity, removal of the coronal part of the dental pulp, through processing and filling of the root canal.

There are also "custom tooth models" on offer, whether it's a question of making models for dental education different from those already on offer or, a completely different (non-dental) use, such as making tooth models to look like extracted teeth with gold crowns which were made for the purposes of film production.

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