Dental models for ENDO-EDUCATION


Tooth models can be adapted to individual requirements. They can be made to be completely transparent, or to be completely non-transparent. The canal morphology can also be adapted to individual requirements regarding the number and the degree of curvature of the canal in the root of the tooth.

modeli zuba

Modeli zuba i endoblok su izrađeni od epoksi smole. Kao ispuna za kanale (i kruničnu pulpu) korišćen je mekani vosak, koji dozvoljava prolazak endodontskim instrumentima. Sam položaj kanala u modelu, njegova dužina i prečnik u zubnim modelima nisu identični, već imaju male varijacije kao posledica ručne izrade.

In general, the diameter of the channel corresponds to a Kerr instrument 15, with a taper of 2%. The dental models also contain the crown part of the pulp, so they are suitable for training the preparation of the access cavity. For the needs of courses where only the treatment of the root part of the canal is desired, it is possible to make tooth models with an access cavity and simulated pulp only in the root part of the model on request.